Profile of the Collaborative Research Center 1153

The Collaborative Research Centre 1153 (CRC 1153) “Process chain for the production of hybrid high-performance components through tailored forming“, is to realize new ways to produce load-adjusted hybrid solid components by using joined semi-finished workpieces. Thus, production of components corresponding better to requirements for different structure- and function areas in the components than mono components becomes possible.

The CRC 1153 has been researching the forming of previously joined semi-finished products and the associated process chains since July 2015. The vision of the CRC 1153 is to establish and make use of basic design and process principles for the production of hybrid solid components made of different material combinations. The expected results form the technical basis for new and further developed manufacturing processes for the production of hybrid components and their industrial application. This will make it possible to produce near-net-shape components that are optimized in terms of load and requirements and make optimum use of the material-specific properties of the material combination. The findings thus offer industrial companies in the forming technology sector the opportunity to design and manufacture their components in a functionally optimized way. The technologies developed provide designers and product developers with flexible design tools for the calculation and design of complex components, which significantly increase the performance and functionality of their products from both economic and ecological points of view. They thus make a valuable contribution to the conservation of resources and at the same time to increasing the competitiveness of companies. The long-term vision of the CRC is to establish the new hybrid components on a large industrial scale and thus to maintain and expand the technological lead in Germany.